Pea Fowl, Swans, Bird Business & Game Birds

Pea Fowl Breeding

By Loyl Stromberg
Raising Pea Fowl can be fun. The most helpful book for beginners and pros ever published on the subject. It covers anything you need to know to raise Pea Fowl. Well illustrated.

Swan Breeding & Management

By Loyl Stromberg
The beautiful Swan is easy to raise but needs special management to get reproduction. This most interesting book covers all phases of breeding and raising Swans.


Practical Manual for Bird Raising as a Business

A Lyon Publication
Step by step on how to start your own bird breeding business. Sections on planning, managing and marketing your products.


Upland Game Birds Their Breeding And Care

By Dr. Leland B. Hayes, Ph.D.
Dr. Hayes is a leading authority on Upland game birds. This book is filled with practical information for the beginning and experienced game bird breeder on how to raise upland game birds. Revised and updated health and disease section.


Raising Game Birds

By D. W. Schied A Farmers Digest Publication
A guide to raising game birds in captivity in an open area, selecting stock, breeding, feeding and managing land areas to meet game bird needs.