Parrots & Macaws

Keeping and Breeding Parrots

By C. Aschenborn
This is a comprehensive look at the world of parrots in the wild and in captivity. This book has chapters in all phases of keeping and maintaining parrots in the home and outdoor av iar y. Data on di str ibution, diet, nutrition for each species.

Parrots: Modern Handfeeding And Nursery Management

By Rick Jordan And Howard Voren
The bible on handfeeding, weight monitoring, feeding instruments, potential health problems, medical procedures and more.


The Parrot in Health And Illness

By Bonnie Munro Doane
Authoritative,in-depth guide delves into every facet of health care for all hookbills.


Parrots in Aviculture

By Rosemary Low
This is most certainly the ultimate photo reference guide to over 200 species of the most commonly kept parrots in aviculture today. This is the major international reference and identification guide for the caged birds of the world!


Taming and Training Macaws

By Risa Teitler,
Professional Trainer A book of obvious need. Covers taming and training, how to buy a Macaw, environment, health maintenance, personality, taming the Macaw and advanced training. Health & First Aid.