Incubation & Brooding

Guide To Better Hatching

By Janet Stromberg
Easy to understand information on all phases of hatching, completely illustrated. A good book for the beginning or advanced bird producer. Talks about the structure, formation and fertility of the egg. Contains hatching table and the 10 Commandments for Successful Hatching along with other info.

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Hatching Manual

A Lyon Publication

A summary pamphlet supplied with all Marsh incubators. Covers various aspects of incubation, brooding and troubleshooting. Handy economical reference.


In An Egg Shell
“Egg To Chick To Egg”

A Lyon Publication
An economical hands on system for teachers, parents or hobbyists to use with their children.Well illustrated with pictures and diagrams. Includes worksheets for children. Widely used by schools.


Practical Incubation Procedures

By Rob Harvey
Incubation periods for Parrots to Waterfowl, from Pheasants to Bee Eaters. Over 500 species of birds are covered. Whatever your avicultural interest this book covers it.


Parrot Incubation Procedures

By Rick Jordan
Everything you need or want to know about Incubation and hatching in a concise and clear step by step manual. A must for every aviculturist.


Nests, Birds & Incubation

By D. C. Deeming
Brings together specialized scientific data on wild bird behavior and incubation, studies on poultry incubation and application to design and use incubators. Not a casual "how to" book, but rather a thoughtful and readable treatise.


New Incubation Book

By Dr. A.F. Anderson & G. E. Robbins
Description on incubation for pheasants, waterfowl and poultry. Incubation period, temperature, embryo development, brooding. New edition now includes ratites and describes new techniques of incubation.