Macaws, Cockatoos, Parrots, Peafowl, Swans

Captive Propagation of Scarlet Macaws

By Dr. Steven Volk and Lisa Volk.
An excellent pamphlet on mating, egg laying, artificial incubation, feeding and how to select this beautiful bird.

Macaws: A Complete Guide

By Rosemary Low
Rosemary Low explains the pr inciples of successful macaw-keeping. All aspects are covered, such as feeding, accommodation and health care. Sexing, captive breeding and hand rearing are also covered.


Taming and Training Cockatoos

By Risa Teitler

Professional Trainer Contains an introduction to Cockatoos, species, personality, choosing a healthy Cockatoo, environment, special behavior problems and advanced training techniques.


Psittaculture: The Breeding, Rearing & Management of Parrots

By Tony Silva
The greatest how to guide ever written.Over 42 chapters take you through the intricacies of successfully choosing and breeding your parrots. Psittaculture contains over 88 color photos. Don’t miss out on this title!


Parrot Sense

By John Doole
How to protect your birds from Aviculturists, Nutritionists, and the merely expert! Practical, witty advice on a wide range of subjects.