Cockatiel & Lovebirds

Cockatiel Handbook

By Dr. Gerald R. Allen & Connie Allen
A naturalistic approach to breeding, rearing and caring for Cockatiels. Gives tips on the most economical ways to achieve your goals in raising birds.

Breeding Cockatiels

By Julie Struman and Dorothy Schults
How to get started, selecting birds, breeding, feeding, hand rearing. A host of other items are covered in this informative book.

84 full colour photos and drawings. Easy to follow recommendations about breeding cockatiels.


Taming and Training Cockatiels

By Risa Teitler Professional Trainer
For the inexperienced bird owner.Covers equipment, taming, special behavior problems, training, first aid, feeding, breeding, diseases and much more.


Taming and Training of Lovebirds

By Risa Teitler, Professional Trainer
This book covers housing, environments, buying your Lovebird, equipment for taming and training, accidents, illness and breeding of Lovebirds.


Breeding Lovebirds

By Tony Silva and Barbara Kotlar
About Lovebirds, equipment, cages, diseases, species are all covered in addition to detailed information on breeding Lovebirds in capti v ity. Sex ing information is also included.