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Housing: The best cage for a cockatiel is made of metal wire and should be a minimum of 16 inches wide by 24 inches long. The cage should be placed near a window but make sure the bird is able to retreat to the shade. Do not place the cage near a heater as hot air dries out a bird's mucous membranes. Perches should be thick enough so that a cockatiel's toes can't reach all the way around. Water containers should be cleaned daily to avoid any build up of bacteria. A bath should be provided early in the day. The bath can be provided by misting warm water on the bird or by using a commercial bathhouse made for cockatiels. Never give your bird a bath too close to nighttime because the bird could become chilled. Toys should be made of metal, acrylic or hard wood for the cockatiel to play with and chew on.

Cockatiel for sale:

Time to time Cockatiel babies and young pairs ready for sale at our farm. If you are interested in finding out What's more for Sale at our farm, you can call me at +92-0333-4329536 or at +92-0322-4329536.

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