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Cockatiel Breeding and Nesting: Breeding is variable and dependent on rain. The Cockatiel breeding season usually last from August to December, although breeding can occur anytime of the year after rainfall.

Nests are usually found in hollow limbs or tree holes, preferably in large hollow eucalyptus near water. Decayed wood dust lines the inside and bottom of the nest hole. A Cockatiel lays from four to seven white rounded eggs. Egg laying occurs every other day.

There average egg size is 26x20 mm. Incubation begins after the second egg is lain and sometimes after the first egg. Incubation last twenty-three days and both parents brood.

The young leave the nest approximately four weeks after hatching. At six months the young males acquire the bright yellow facial markings. Their barred tails are retained until their first complete molt. They reach sexual maturity at eight to ten months.

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Time to time Cockatiel babies and young pairs ready for sale at our farm. If you are interested in finding out What's more for Sale at our farm, you can call me at +92-0333-4329536 or at +92-0322-4329536.

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