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Indian ringneck mutation, yellow, white, grey, green, Indian ringneck mutation, yellow, white, grey, green,Indian ringneck mutation, yellow, white, grey, green

Indian Ringneck Mutations:

There are over 80 documented Indian ringneck Mutations currently known, and many more are sure to come. The stunning lutino and blue mutations have been around for quite awhile so they are well-established in aviculture. Other mutations include, but are not limited to, the turquoise, albino, grey-green, cinnamon, grey, yellowheaded, lacewing, fallow, dark green, and last, but not least, the cobalt.

When purchasing a mutation it is best to know what you are buying. Many of the current variations are so new that some of the rarer ones are poorly understood. With the prices ranging from $100.00 to $25,000.00, there can be a lot at stake monetarily. The phrase "buyer beware" should be heeded.

The indian ringneck parakeet has many stunning mutations ranging from a beautiful lutino to a breath taking violet and many more in between! With all these mutation combinations available it is easy to see why this bird attracts so many enthusiasts. Being a fairly free breeder it is always an enjoyment to raise a clutch of these parakeets.