Pallidino Indian Ringneck Mutation (color range):

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Pallidino green (Pallidino green Indian Ringneck)
Pallidino grey-green (Pallidino grey green Indian Ringneck)
Pallidino blue (Pallidino blue Indian Ringneck)
Pallidino turquoise (Pallidino turquoise Indian Ringneck)
Pallidino grey (Pallidino grey Indian Ringneck)
Pallidino turquoise grey (Pallidino turquoise grey Indian Ringneck)

Some Tips for Indian Ringneck:

1: Darkgreen has a single darkfactor; Olive has a double darkfactor. A Green bird with Violet is sometimes called Darkgreen, which is actually wrong. Darkgreen differs from a Violet Green in the amount of blue seen on the wings and tail.

2: As mention above Darkgreen has a single darkfactor; Olive has a double darkfactor. The tail and flight feathers are olive with dark blue tinge which differs from the Greygreen. Greygreens have dark grey, almost black, tail and flight feathers.

3: Sometimes greygreen is erroneously referred to as olive. Olive is actually used for double darkfactored birds in the green-series.

4: Cobalt has also been called European Cobalt. Cobalt has a single darkfactor; Mauve has a double darkfactor.

Indian Ringneck for sale:

Time to time Indian Ringneck babies and young pairs ready for sale at our farm. If you are interested in finding out What's more for Sale at our farm, you can call me at +92-0333-4329536 or at +92-0322-4329536.

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