Indian Ringneck Mutation (color range)

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Dark green / cobalt (Dark green Indian Ringneck)
Blue (Blue Indian Ringneck)
Turquoise Blue (Turquoise Blue Indian Ringneck)
Lutino (Lutino Indian Ringneck)
Albino (Albino Indian Ringneck)
Creamino (Creamino Indian Ringneck)
Grey-green (Grey green Indian Ringneck)
Grey (Grey Indian Ringneck)
Turquoise grey (Turquoise grey Indian Ringneck)
Lutino grey-green / Albino grey (Lutino grey green Indian Ringneck)
Cinnamon (Cinnamon Indian Ringneck)
Olive green (Olive green Indian Ringneck)
Cobalt (Cobalt Indian Ringneck)
Turquoise cobalt (Turquoise cobalt Indian Ringneck)
Mauve (Mauve Indian Ringneck)
Turquoise mauve (Turquoise mauv Indian Ringneck)
Recessive pied (Recessive pied Indian Ringneck)
Rec. pied violet turquoise mauve (Pied violeturquoise Indian Ringneck)

Indian Ringneck for sale:

Time to time Indian Ringneck babies and young pairs ready for sale at our farm. If you are interested in finding out What's more for Sale at our farm, you can call me at +92-0333-4329536 or at +92-0322-4329536.

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Sexing Indian Ringneck:

Sexing young birds can prove difficult unless DNA sexed as all young birds resemble hens. Indian Ringneck Parakeets can not be visualy sexed until they are 2-3 years of age at which time the male will molt into adult plumage and get his colorful ring. Some mutations such as Albino can only be DNA sexed as males of this color mutation do not ever get a ring since they are void of all color pigment. Hens show a slight ringing which is a lighter color version of there body color but lack any blue, pink or black ring color like the males.

Lutino Indian Ringneck:

These are sex-linked recessive and are completely yellow but males do have the black ring around the neck line. They have red eyes and light colored feet and nails.

Albino Indian Ringneck

These are members of "Ino" family and have red eyes and light colored feet and nails. They are actually combination of Blue and Ino.