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My name is Muhammad Saleem. I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I first became interested in Budgerigars in 1990 and at that time kept about nine Indian Ringneck pictures, photo, breeders, behaviour, Rasheed, Sajid Hasan, Saleem, Shahbaz, Tahir Baig, Taraq, Tariq, Umair, Umar, Usman, zafar Iqbal, Zaheer, Zeeshanpairs of mixed Budgerigars then i expand bird cage and kept few breader pair of Lutino lovebirds.

Now I have breader pairs of Cockatiel, Rosella, Indian Ringneck, (Raw), Love Birds, Budgerigars, Diamond Dove, Goulden Finches, Pheasant.

I breed several species of birds and I provide a healthy environment to my breeder pairs. I also offer breeders and young babies for sell from time to time when available.

Four years ago i become a member of "Cage Bird Society of Pakistan" and still i am member of cage bird society. The following information is provided as a guide to help you get started with your parakeets and general tips on its Breeding, Breeding Tips, Care, Health, Nesting and maintenance.

Three years ago i buy a book "A Guide to Color Mutation and Genetics in Parrot" form Australia. It increase my experiance that how a new mutation came into being. I applied that experiance to my bird and get good result.

People who want to visit my birds are always welcome but by appointment please. You can contact me on email or at mobile please note my mobile number 0333-4329536 or at 0322-4329536. Thank you for visiting my website.

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