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Indian Ringneck Housing:

The cage for Indian Ringneck should be as large as possible. A minimum size for a single pet would be 36"h x 18"d x 24"w. When housing 2 or more together for breeding or display it is strongly suggested that a minimum size would be 6'h x 12'd x 4'w. The females can become very aggressive towards the males, especially out of the breeding season, the added space allows the male to escape if needed.

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The ringneck is a very swift and strong flyer. Allowing them to enjoy this activity will keep them strong and healthy. If you have a small cage make sure you have a perch or other play area where the bird can come out to exercise and play daily. Perches of different diameters and shapes will keep their feet in good condition. A piece of 2x4 will allow them the enjoyment of chewing the soft wood thus keeping the beak in good condition as well.

Indian Ringneck Entertainment: Toys and lots of them. Wood shapes, wood beads, strips of rawhide, cardboard tubes all make for great things to chew on. Plastic rings in bright colors, small balls with holes, any of the numerous hand held toys, pieces of wood with nuts, and pieces of rope tied in knots will all be thrown around with great joy. The ringneck uses it's feet to manipulate foods and other items in it's environment. It will sit and hold a toy and chew on it for long periods of time. They are very intelligent animals and need the stimulation of intricate things to take apart. Be very aware that the toys you buy are "bird safe" because the ringneck will attempt to take almost anything apart.