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Indian Ringneckt:

Name: There are many common names used for P. k. manillensis: The Indian Ringnecked Parakeet, Indian Ringnecked Parrot, Rose-ringed Parakeet, and Indian Ringnecks, to name a few. It is best to use the scientific name if there is any doubt.

There are four known subspecies of P. krameri:

The African: P. k. krameri and P. k. parvirostris, the Indian: P. k. borealis and P. k. manillensis. It has been suggested that there have been so few true pairs set-up for breeding in the past that the result is there are very few true subspecies being produced, and the resulting hybrid young may be the reason there are so many variations seen within certain mutations.

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Description: The general plumage color is green, lighter and suffused with yellow on the underparts. Their beak is a reddish coral color with black on the lower mandible and the tip of the upper mandible. The feet are a light grey with black toe nails. Eyes have a dark grey to black iris.

Feathering is impeccable, very rarely will you find a ringneck that doesn't take exceptional care of their plumage.

Males develop a black ring with rose and blue encircling their nape area when they reach sexual maturity. Weights are generally with in the 110g. to 140g. range. Overall length being 16 to 17" with the tail being almost half of that.