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Cockatiel Diet:

Cockatiels eat a variety of foods. They mainly eat seeds, fruits, berries, plants, and insects. They are known to raid crops and always forage on the ground, especially for seeds.

Cockatiels should be fed a good cockatiel seed mixture and/or pellets on a daily basis. Fruits, vegetables and greens will provide variety in their diets and should also be provided on a daily basis. Fruits may include apples, honeydew melon, grapes and watermelon. Vegetables my include broccoli, cucumbers, grated carrots and zucchini. Greens may include spinach, endive and parsley. You can add bread, whole grain breakfast cereals or cooked pasta as an addition their diet. Do not feed cabbage, potatoes, avocados or citrus fruits. Keep in mind that tastes vary among birds. Vitamin supplements can also be added to their drinking water. Cuttlebone or mineral stones should be given to add minerals to their diets. Spray millet is an excellent daily addition to their diet. Grit should be available in a separate dish at all times.

Cockatiel for sale:

Time to time Cockatiel babies and young pairs ready for sale at our farm. If you are interested in finding out What's more for Sale at our farm, you can call me at +92-0333-4329536 or at +92-0322-4329536.

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Cockatiel mutations are: Albino White Faced Cockatiel. Cinnamon Cockatiel. Grey Cockatiel. Lutino Cockatiel or White or Albino. Pearl Cockatiel. Pearl Fawn Cockatiel . Pied Cockatiel.