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Cockatiel Physical Characteristics:

The Cockatiel's physical characteristics differ between male and female, however, they share some similarity in measurements. The length of the body is 11.5-13.5 inches and they weight approximately 2.8-3.5 ounces.

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The general body color of a male is gray with colorful markings. The Cockatiels forehead, sides of the head, and narrow tapering crest are yellow with orange spots below the brown eyes. There is a large white patch on each shoulder, and white extending across the wing coverts. The undersides of the tail is dark gray almost black, and the legs are gray.

The female Cockatiel is usually duller in facial markings and undersides of tail. Their feathers are irregularly barred with yellow and the forehead and face is brown. Juveniles resemble the female.There are many mutations Albino White Faced Cockatiel. Cinnamon Cockatiel. Grey Cockatiel. Lutino Cockatiel or White or Albino. Pearl Cockatiel. Pearl Fawn Cockatiel . Pied Cockatiel.