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Online Group of Pakistani Bird Breaders.


Our main aim is to introduce all the persons who are involved in bird breeding throughout the world. So It will be a place where you can see Bird Breaders websites.

When a person want to lauch his website he has to pay many type of expenditures like:
  "Domain Name"
  "Web Hosting"
  "Web Space Limit"
  "Monthly Bandwidth"
  "Development cost for developing web site"
for a bird breader these expenditures are too much and at one stage bird breader refuse to launch his website.


So we come up with a solution that, to offer bird breaders a package in which he able to get started. In our package a bird breader never have to pay for
  "Domain Name"
  "Web Hosting"
  "Web Space Limit"
  "Monthly Bandwidth"
  "Development cost for developing web site"

One Question Arrise

At this point a question arrise in mind that many other person said that they can launch website, and they launch it (using free services on net) but after some time that company which is offering free service ask to pay for website otherwise this company delete website. At this stage person has to face many kind of problems all of his work lost, all of his contact lost and if he published his website using visiting card all are lost and he has to face mony loss too. In our system you will never face this kind of problem. This is a paid service which we are using.



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