Crowned Pigeon, nesting, breeding, eggs, Roshan Chirage The meaning of this word is lighting like a light. A Very beautiful bird. Most of foreign fanciers when saw the photos of this bird the presumed it to be damascene. This is our local breed. Although I don’t know the exact origin of this breed. Their neck should be dark black, the remaining part of the body is silver. When in sun light the color of the pigeon should be very bright. The eye ring should be big and red. The shoulder and neck should be of one color. The beak is be black.

Katch Paras
The origin of this breed is Pakistan. They are available in colors like black and red. They are of one color but when young their feathers are plucked and the new feathers should be pure white. The line is plucked in such a manner that symmetry is maintained. This is very beautiful looking bird.

The foreigners knew them as LahoreCrowned Pigeon, nesting, breeding, eggs, . The origin of this pigeon is from Iran. Many centuries ago it was actually brought from Shiraz, the city of Iran. And from the name of that city it is known as Shirazi. The British’s when went from here after we got independence in 1947 had probably took them with them and developed them in Britain. But Lahore is very big and feathered footed pigeon. Our Shirazi is very small in size and should not be groused legged. Although in many areas of Pakistan it is liked as groused legged. But in most of the areas the Shirazi should be without feathers on the leg. They are available in many colors. The Shirazi can also be Katch Paras. Their normal colors are black, blue, silver, dun, and red mealy, red, golden, and green. A very beautiful looking bird but very agile and smart in flying.

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