Origin of Tippler, races pigeon, domestic pigeon jungli kabootar wild pigeon, Keeping of pigeons, Feeding techniques, tipplers All races of breeds of domestic pigeon columba livia domestic have been evolved from rock pigeon also called a rock dove columba livia or our jungli kabootar (wild pigeon) that cohabits with man every where in the world. The domestic pigeon breeds are believed to have been developed in the east and Europe had no original breed of its own. According to the Marco polo, trade in pigeons was at its peak during his time along the silk route. This is because pigeon fancy was a status symbol amongst the mughals elite and gentry. Mughals are also supposed to have introduced this pet into the sub continent. The first fantail in Britain was gifted to Queen Elizabeth by great mughals emperor Akbar in the 16th century. In crusades Muslims used pigeons frequently as messengers.

The mughal Emperor Babar wrote in his biography about the sport of pigeon keeping, but Akbar the great was crazy about pigeon keeping. Abul Fazal (one of his senator) wrote that whenever king (Akbar) goes on a trip his men carry pigeons with him. Origin of Tippler, races pigeon, domestic pigeon jungli kabootar wild pigeon, Keeping of pigeons, Feeding techniques, tipplersNormally more than two thousands birds went with him. They were kept in special carriers. In his book (Aieen e Akbri) he told in detail about the kinds, breeding techniques, their special feed for flying, buying and selling of pigeons. He told about the techniques used by Akbar the great about in a good flying pigeon. Raising pigeons was very popular and prestigious hobby amongst mughals and pigeon houses were an essential part of the palaces. Havelies, etc of the elite rich, Nawabs Rajas and kings of those times.

Keeping of pigeons
In almost all the cases tipplers are kept on the rooftops. Every cage should be one pen made of wire mesh either in front of the main door or on top of the cage. These pens can be seen in my picture gallery. Normally breeding pairs are kept separately. The male and female that are flown in the competition should also be kept separately. Good breeding seasons are mid October till mid May. The month of June till September males and females are kept separately.

Feeding techniques
Normal feed consists of grains like wheat, pulses, rice, millet and corn. Although tipplers flyer don’t like corn given to their birds. Apart from normal feed many prescriptions of local herbs are given. It is difficult for me to translate them in to English, but I will try to add them. But normally almonds are used extensively for keeping flying birds in top condition. Flying birds are always under fed and over feeding is avoided at all costs. Water should be given very little when the birds return after his flight.

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