How to prepare pigeon for kit flying, kit flying techniques, tips, training This is very pain staking and needs lot of patience. The pigeon are fed out of their cage. Very few grains are scattered on the floor. The pigeon that are already very hungry, they almost attack on the feed. In one hand the owner have a stick or cloth. Then the pigeon flew at once, with the movement of the stick or cloth. They take a sharp flight, again the grain scattered on the floor. Pigeon when saw the food at once dropped down and start eating. The quantity of grain is always very few so that pigeon could not eat at full length. If the pigeon ate too much feed it cannot fly and also does not obey orders. The whole training is consisting on the techniques of giving less food.

How to prepare pigeon for kit flying, kit flying techniques, tips, trainingThe moment comes when pigeon flew with very little movement of the stick and dropped down with the same. This whole exercise is normally done early in the morning. Here also the need of a teacher is necessary. The teacher (Ustad) helps the student to prepare the pigeons for kit flying. He gives medications and local herbs to increase the stamina and speed of the birds. The pigeon normally flown in the kits have fewer flying hours as their shoulders are damaged severely in this tough kind of practice. The medicines are given for long distance flying and short distance flying.

How to prepare pigeon for kit flying, kit flying techniques, tips, trainingPigeon flown in kits
The pigeon are flown by one competitor and same method is adopted by another competitor. The pigeon are flown in say 50 or 100 birds. They mixed in the sky. They are always looking down and awaiting signal from their owner. At any moment the signal is given and whole kit dropped down, in the mean time the confused pigeon from the other competitors is also dropped down and captured. The speed and agility of pigeons is worth looking.

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